CrowdFunding Asia ™ Singapore Summit2015

Events on 9th Nov ,2015

CrowdFunding Asia ™ Singapore Summit2015

Venue: SIMPOR conference room in Marina Bay Sand level 4, Singapore
Date: 9th November 2015

Theme: Global Crowdfunding starts HERE! Asia Economic Power House ™ The Road less travelled.


Quoting Massolution, "Global crowdfunding" experienced accelerated growth in 2014, expanding by 167 percent to reach $16.2 billion raised, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. In 2015, the industry is set to more than double once again, on its way to raising $34.4 billion. These are the figures from 2015CF - Crowdfunding Industry Report that was released early this year. With Asia projecting high growth on Crowdfunding, policy makers simply have to thread the development and demand so to review the policies and market instruments that have been used to mitigate this disruptive space.

In parallel to the global crowdfunding in both equity and debt based crowdfunding, the enriched crowdfunding agenda this year will focus on emerging priorities and on new instruments designed to catalyze democratization of finance, featuring 6 high level plenaries across 4 overarching themes: Asia Equity Regulations, Debt-based / Sharing Economy, Social Innovation and Bridging Gaps with Talent Competitiveness.

CrowdFunding Asia ™ Singapore Summit2015

Time Table 9th November 2015 - Topics & Speakers
08.00-09.00hrs Registration
09.10-09.15hrs ONE!
YOU ARE ONE that can change the world!
09.15-09.30hrs Welcome & Opening Sharing
“Global Crowdfunding – the game changer for all field towards #GlobalGoals with #GlobalCitizen.”
Hong Sin Kwek.
Creator / Founder of CrowdFunding Asia Summit, Association & CEO of Phoenixict Pte Ltd
09.30-10.00hrs Guest of Honor
“Develop a GIVING community with Crowdfunding to serve Social Impact and Digital Business Investment beyond the shore”
Mdm Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of Education & Mayor, South West District
10.00-10.45hrs Tea Break
10.45-12.30hrs Key Plenary
“Crowdfunding Equity regulations encourage new opportunities in Asia, it innovatively disrupt and influence democratization of finance. What the market needs to understand and why this channel of alternative finance emerge and grow swiftly in capital markets system to serve SMEs and startups?”
Moderated by:
Mr. Philip Kwek, CEO, McpeKay Consultant (M&A)
Mr. Goh Ching Ying, Executive Director, Securities Commission Malaysia
Mr. Jon Medved, CEO, Our Crowd,
Ms. Sarica Apiwatthakakul, Director, Securities Exchange Commission of Thailand.
Mr. Gerben Visser, Chairman, Singapore Fintech Consortium
12.00-13.00hrs Networking lunch
13.30-14.30hrs Grounding Pitch: “What have “Our Crowd” platform succeed and surpassed the mark of USD1billion within the short two years of Equity Crowdfunding business?
Grounder: Mr Jonathan Medved, CEO, Our Crowd
14.30-15.45hrs Plenary 2 “Emerged Market been bullish with big investment, economic getting organized; Crowdfunding Asia predicts exponential growth. What changes can render the possibility to open innovation & research? Will a Robin-Hood move bridge the gaps “Rag to Riches? And where does talent fit in this change?”
Moderated by:
Mr. Prakash Somosundram, Pealo Founder
Mr. Chaisiri Kangwalyossuk, Sinwattana, Platform Creator, CTO
Dr Karndee Leopairote, Managing Director, C-Asean.
Mr. Oscar Jofre, KoreConX, Founder & CEO
Mr. Markus Gnirck, Startupbootcamp, Co-founder & Global COO
Mr. Prasoon, CEO, Billion Bricks
15.45-16.30hrs Fruity Break
16.30-17.50hrs Plenary 3
“In another decade or so, Crowdfunding would have surpassed the USD1trillion mark; debt based Crowdfunding today empowered people, enrolled sharing economy and promoted alternatives to the traditional. What will happen to bank/s? What will the future hold?”
Moderated by:
Mr Andrew Dix, CEO & Co Founder, Crowdfundinsider Media
Mr. Eddie Chau, Board of Director, IDA and Founder, EC Frontier
Mr. Iggi Achsien, Commissioner, Bank Muamalat Indonesia.
Mr. Lawrence Yong, CEO, MD, MoolahSense Private Limited
Mr. Justin Wright, Regional Head S.E. Asia, Beehive Asia Co Ltd.
Dr. Mark Hon, Chairman, BANSEA
17.50-18.00hrs Appreciation & Acknowledgement – Hong Sin, Kwek, Creator / Founder of CrowdFunding Asia Summit, Association & CEO of Phoenixict Pte Ltd and Andrew Dix, CEO & Co Founder, Crowdfundinsider Media




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